NameMorning Tea
TypeDelicious food
Detailed introduction:
Guangzhou traditionalists drink morning tea. can often see someone in pour tea, will accept pour tea with two fingers gently knocking on fire desktop, said thanks, in fact this line is a knock at the tea ceremony, and the etiquette also well. Reportedly, the qing emperor qianlong and the qing first wit, qing dynasty university ji's morning mist cruise jiangnan incognito, went to a teahouse, as the emperor qianlong 1:00 pleased, competition to name the courtiers ji's morning mist pour tea, this is very thing in the feudal era, is also as a servant to a great deal of grace, ji's morning mist line should be three kneeling nine on etiquette, gift of three hooray, but they are travel incognito, must not be exposed to the emperor, but can't lose the gift, ji's morning mist used his quick wits, fold two fingers like knees click desktop represent three knelt down, and then closed fist tap desktop representative kowtow. Thanks, already so don't expose the identity of the emperor, and etiquette. Then spread to the people, because without such a gift, then changed to two fingers tapped on the desktop, as a sign of gratitude, and has been spread so far.

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