NameShuangpi Nai
TypeDelicious food
Detailed introduction:

Shuangpi Nai, as the name suggests,are containing double skin milk. In Shunde,A said that when the children of farmers called Ho shisan cooked breakfast in the early morning,accidentally the milk curdle a pellicle ,soon one old friends know  the values and went to buy the formula,to open a food stall, Eating Shunde Shuangpi Nai has become a tradition,Shuangpi Nai  was handed down from the end of Qing Dynasty.Eat Shuangpi Nai,in fact,the most important thing is the Smoothness  and yellow of the milk pellicle beside the milk sweet. Shuang Pinai is white and slip, giving the feeling of a dignified and gentle; aroma, sour milk, enough egg flavor, The rich creamy tangy reminiscent the  mild  spring of boundless  prairie. 


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